February 11

How to find local keyword search volume in Google

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I ran into a need to find local area search volumes for some broad keywords and found a method that you may find useful. This will be especially helpful for when you need to see local search volumes for broad keywords (like “plumber” or “pizza” or something when people are searching locally), which is becoming more important with the numbers of people that are searching on mobile devices and not putting in the local area names because they know their device already has them geolocated.

In case you are not aware, for the Google Adwords Keyword tool, the “Local” column is for the entire US (not very local), so for searches like that it would show MILLIONS of searches per month in the Local column. Not very helpful for what we call “local search”.

Instead of using that tool, use the Google Traffic Estimator tool:

Put in your keyword list in the box (put each keyword phrase in quotes for better results)
Click on Locations (above the box)
– remove United States
– type the name of the center of your metro area and find it in the auto-suggest dropdown
(if you click “Nearby” there you can also see other close by areas you might want to add to the list)
Click on Get Estimates
now fill in Max CPC: 15000
fill in Daily Budget: 2000000
click outside of those boxes and the data should update below.
Daily Impressions will be the equivalent of Search Volume with these settings

Voila! Now you’ve got Daily local search volume estimates for your keywords!
Of course to get the monthly totals just multiply the Daily Impr. by 30.


September 20

Google now showing prices in description text

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In case you haven’t noticed it yet, Google has started showing different info where the meta descriptions would typically be displayed in the SERPs for some rentals and real estate searches. Instead of showing the description of the pages they are showing some property details & prices for a few listings.

To see it in action, do a search for “cape may vacation rentals” or “cape may real estate” and you should spot the results with bullet pointed descriptions there.

Here is a screenshot showing the affected results:
cape may vacation rentals - Google Search

Just curious if you have heard anything from anyone on this yet.

September 3

Google Rich Snippets

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Are you using Google Rich Snippets? Maybe you should consider it.
Depending on your product or service your company offers, there may be extra info that you would like to pass through the search results via the actual listings to help searchers more quickly find the item or product details they are looking for. By adding  Rich Snippets (aka Structured Data) to the code of your web page, you can give Google even more info about the page content than just the on-page content. [ Read more... ]

September 2

Google patents a clean website!

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You heard it right, Google received a patent on their standard Google.com website layout based on the clean nature of it.
Now watch them try to enforce it on every website that had a plain clean layout before them. They were definitely not the first.

April 15

SEO Copywriting For Local Search Results

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Is your business listed in Google maps yet? When people search Google for local phrases related to your business in your area, are they finding your website at the top of the search results?

If the answer is NO, then it should be obvious to you that there is something that you need to do to help get your name out there in as many places online as possible. Your competition is doing it…and you can too! With a little time, and minimal effort, you too can increase your company’s exposure online and help capture more relevant leads, customers or clients through your website. [ Read more... ]

December 3

Welcome to the new Eat Sleep Breathe SEO blog!

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This is just my daily comments on what is going on in my SEO world.